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Christian Burkhart
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Get your Tidyverse learning boost

We all want to get better with Tidyverse. But the reality is that many of us hit a plateau at some point. To break through that plateau, sometimes you need a learning boost. And that's what this course is all about. I call it the Tidyverse Booster.

Why would you need a Tidyverse Boost?

The tidyverse package consists of hundreds of functions with thousands of arguments. Most of us will work with only a portion of them. This is totally fine and you are probably able to solve your problems with this subset of functions. But what if you took some time to learn about the hidden features of Tidyverse?

Well, you can spend many hours reading hundreds of blog posts and tweets. That's exactly what I did. But the journey was long and took up many of my weekends.

That's why I want to give you a tidyverse boost. Over the last months, I have been packaging up all the tricks and secrets I could find about the tidyverse package into this email course.

How does this course work?

This course will start as an email course. Starting in July 4 2022, you will receive an email every week with a new tutorial on a specific tidyverse topic. Of course, if you sign up later, you will have access to all previous tutorials here on Gumroad.

For each tutorial, I invite you to try the tricks yourself and post your results on Twitter (#tidyversebooster).

Once we're done with all the tutorials, you'll get access to a comprehensive pdf book with all the tutorials we've covered in this course.

What will you learn?

The course consists of 11 chapters. Each chapter addresses a particular topic and is packed with many tricks and secrets about the tidyverse package. Here is an overview of what we will cover (some topics might still change during the course):

Improve reading files

  • How to improve reading files with the read_* functions (July 4) ✅
  • How to read many files into R (July 11) ✅

Improve working with columns

  • How to select colums with tidyselect functions (July 18) ✅
  • How to rename many columns at once (July 25) ✅

Improve creating and modifying columns

  • How to count with count, add_count, and add_tally (August 1) ✅
  • How to extract multiple columns from one column (August 8) ✅
  • How to anonymize columns (August 15) ✅
  • How to improve lumping factors (August 22)
  • How to order factor levels (August 29)
  • How to apply functions across many columns (September 5)

Improve working with rows

  • How to filter rows based on multiple variables (September 12)
  • How to slice rows (September 19)
  • How to do rowwise calculations (September 26)

Improve grouping data

  • How to group your data with the new grouping functions (October 3)

Improve working with missing and incomplete data

  • How to complete the values of your data frames (October 10)
  • How to create a complete set of variables (October 17)
  • How to expand data frames

Improve converting data frames between long and wide formats

  • How to separate columns with sep
  • How to pivot longer if your columns represent more than one variable
  • How to add missing values to pivot_wider
  • How to handle unused columns with pivot_wider
  • How to change the order of column names with names_vary

Improve your tidyverse best practices

  • How to use variables in functions (curly curly)

Improve your functional programming skills with purrr

  • How to use anonymous functions in purrr
  • How to reduce lists to a single value
  • How to make use of indexes with imap and iwalk
  • How to keep and discard elements from a list
  • How to pluck and chuck elements from a list (+ R operators)
  • How to map over more than two inputs with pmap
  • How to create super functions with compose

Improve your code's performance

  • How to run purrr functions in parallel with furrr and future
  • How to speed up your data analysis with dtplyr

Improve your fancy tricks

  • How to create and store plots within your data frame
  • How to create and save many plots automatically
  • How to do multiple statistical tests with list columns
  • Discover the secret tips you've been missing in the tidyverse!

  • Discover the secret tips you've been missing in the tidyverse!


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